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SEO Trivia: Which UK party leader is the most searched for right now? (Hint: It's not who you think!)

Aside from the buzz around the heatwave, Euros, and the election, I'm excited to share some news. Recently, I put our advice at The Signal to the test while revamping my partner's upholstery shop website. As an editor and writer, I usually leave technical matters to others on the team. But thanks to the insights we share here, I managed to get the job done! I hope they've been helpful for you, too, and have kept you up-to-date.

Before we get to our top picks, here are some other updates from this week that we think you should know about: Google is turning off Universal Analytics on 1 July, a new spam update is rolling out, Instagram posts are starting to appear in Google SERPs, image search is getting stricter, and Google is bringing back health-related information in AI overviews.

Joyce, editor at The Signal

P.S. The answer to our trivia? Nigel Farage! The Reform UK leader tops search with 38%... For all the fellow data nerds out there, dive deeper into the General Election stats here.

14 Ideas You Can Deploy Today to Prepare for Search Disruptions - "My new rankings are humans!" says Will Reynolds. Here's his survival guide on how to prepare for future search disruptions and stand out in the sea of sameness. By Will Reynolds on Seer Interactive.

Gen Z Ditches Google, Turns To Reddit For Product Searches - New research shows the smartphone generation is increasingly using social media to find new brands; there is also growing skepticism toward influencer marketing. What should you do to gain Gen Z's trust? Read this to find out. By Matt G. Southern on Search Engine Journal.

How to Leverage Trust to Boost Your International Expansion - If you're looking to expand your business overseas, here's an all-in-one guide to boosting a company's international strategies, from brand localisation to link building—so useful! By Gemma Fontané on Search Engine Journal.

Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Websites - Building a successful ecommerce website requires a strategic approach. This guide provides a comprehensive game plan, outlining the essential features and functionalities your site needs to thrive in the competitive online marketplace. By Ben Steele on Search Engine Journal.

Looker Studio SEO Templates - Reporting on SEO can be a headache, so why not steal these ready-to-use templates to impress your boss? They're for Google Search Console and GA4. By Dominic Woodman on Pipedout.

The Maddening Adventure of Tracking AI Overviews in Google Search Console (GSC) - AI overviews are here to stay, but how to track them in Google Search Console? Glenn Gabe is on an adventure to find out how the new feature will impact site rankings. More to follow in the next few days. By Glenn Gabe on Search Engine Roundtable.

The End of the Era of SEO Links? - SEOs are split over link building. While having more links can give your organic traffic a jumpstart, the success may be short-lived if your strategy isn't right. So what kind of links do you need to go after? Read this to find out. By Alexandra Tachalova on Advanced Web Ranking.

Scary Surge Drop Indexing Google Search Console - Many site owners have recently seen a spike in indexing, then it drops back to normal levels. But as explained by Glenn Gabe, there's nothing to worry about - the answer is right there in Google's report. By Glenn Gabe on GSQI.

Google’s Navboost Queries and Brands in SEO - The recent Google leak has spurred a wide range of questions about SEO practices. For Tom Capper, the most interesting concept is the "NavBoost query". What does it mean and why does it matter? Read to find out. By Tom Capper on Moz.

Joyce Yang,

editor at The Signal

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