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Trivia: True or false: In the next few weeks, we’ll be able to test and compare up to five different thumbnails for each YouTube video? Get answer.

Hello, and welcome to another edition of The Signal, packed with all the latest industry insights and trends from some true SEO legends. But first, could you help me to solve a dilemma? As a news editor, I want to set up a professional account on Instagram, but my matching username has already been claimed. Can I buy a name from someone else? While account transfer is prohibited, I’ve heard it remains a widespread practice. Read this investigation from Sherwood with me to delve into the insanely lucrative black market of username transactions.

I promise this email is 100% human-generated on my macOS - however, it might change later this year, as Apple just announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its devices. We will greet a more personalised Siri and be able to generate AI images using Apple's writing tools. Sounds cool? Legislators are not happy, though. Amid a federal standstill, US lawmakers are mulling over enacting stricter consumer protection laws against AI technologies. The UK might need some new laws, too, as an AI candidate is standing as an MP in the general election... Crazy, right?

And lastly, advertisers, here’s some good news for you! Google is launching its TV advertising network to offer non-skippable ads for over 20 million monthly active users, as viewership is gradually shifting from traditional TV to streaming. Are you prepared for the move?

Okay, enough words. Now let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy the Top Picks. I hope you have a nice rest of the week.

Joyce, editor of The Signal

Google to struggling sites: Focus on your audience, content quality - The days of SEO hacks and loopholes are coming to an end. According to Google's Search Liasion Danny Sullivan, there are three core areas you should focus on if your site is struggling to get organic traffic. Key takeaways: produce high-quality content and audience engagement. By Danny Goodwin on Search Engine Land.

Google: We either trusts or doesn't trust your sitemap's lastmod date - In a recent LinkedIn discussion, Google analyst Gary Illyes revealed the search engine takes a binary approach when assessing a site's lastmod date. You may want to upgrade your site to WordPress 6.5 to get the automatic lastmod date in your sitemap. By Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable.

Guaranteed SEO services: Here’s the only SEO guarantee that’s not a scam - SEO doesn't work like magic. Successful SEO is a continued process, and there is no shortcut to it. Read this to find out why SEO guarantees never work and how you should choose trustworthy SEO services. By Despina Gavoyannis on The Ahrefs Blog.

Becoming the Batman: Why Arkham City’s marketing is sticky - Batman: Arkham City is one of the highest-rated action-adventure games on Steam. It also had the most enjoyable marketing campaign which turned people into detectives. Missed it? No worries, read the recap by Jamr Ramos at Digital Eat here. By Jamar Ramos on Digital EAT.

How to build a strong brand moat with SEO - As the Google leak revealed, brand matters more than anything else. Here's how you should make your brand more recognisable for sustainable long-term growth. By Morgan Taylor on Moz.

Study: 96% of sites in Google’s top 10 positions have 1,000+ links from unique domains - A new analysis by Internet Marketing Ninjas found that nearly all best-ranked sites have more than 1000 backlinks from unique domains, but not all links have equal value. By Danny Goodwin at Search Engine Land. By Danny Goodwin at Search Engine Land.

13 SEO takeaways from Google’s Elizabeth Tucker at SMX Advanced - From why the March 2024 Core update rollout took 45 days to how Google defines low-quality content, here are some highlights of the interview between Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz with Google Search's Elizabeth Tucker. By Danny Goodwin at Search Engine Land.

Google: You can recover from helpful content damage with next core update - Once again, Google says sites can not only recover - but also grow from the damage caused by the September 2023 helpful content update with the next core update. Read Danny Sullivan's response on X here. By Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Roundtable.

SEO in the newsroom: Tips from the SEO for News meetup - From SEO training for journalists to AI adoption, here are the key takeaways from New York’s first-ever News for SEO meetup, joined by audience growth specialists from Daily Mail, The Sun and The Wall Street Journal. By George Nguyen on Wix's SEO Hub.

How to deal with expired articles that are no longer relevant - If you're worried about expired articles on your site, this comprehensive guide has everything for you from how to spot expired content to strategies to address them. By Nafisah Mayun on Sitebulb.

What are Google algorithm updates - Google updates its search result pages thousands of times each year, yet only a small fraction are officially confirmed. Why do updates take place and how to handle them? This article has everything you need to know. By Mordy Oberstein on Wix's SEO Hub

Joyce Yang,

editor at The Signal

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