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Weekly Trivia: What animal's IQ did Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis compare to current AIs?

What a week! Britain woke up to its most dramatic election result since 1997 as Labour secured a landslide victory, while England beat Switzerland on penalties to secure a place in tonight's semi-final against the Netherlands. However, the hot topic in our world was the hiccup in Search Console Performance Reports (now caught up).

After all of that, summer is back on. For anybody going on holiday (I'm off to Cornwall), keep an eye out for Google Maps' "add stop" feature now includes ads for places of interest along your route.

Before we get to our top picks, here are some other updates from this week: Google is experimenting with country labels in search result snippets and updating best practices for embedded images and URL structure. YouTube Shorts is introducing an "Add Yours" sticker to spark audience engagement and potentially fuel viral trends, alongside an AI-powered eraser tool for removing copyrighted music without affecting other audio. Bing is testing out new features too, adding nutritional info like "lean protein" and "anti-inflammatory" to image search results. In the world of science, Google researchers are mapping the mouse hippocampus to understand human memory, while OpenAI is developing a personalised health coach to encourage positive behavioural change. Would you give it a try?

Joyce, editor at The Signal

P.S. The answer to our trivia? A cat! Demis Hassabis made the comparison in a recent public discussion with ex-PM Sir Tony Blair. However, he did reckon that AI does better than humans in certain areas, like game playing.

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Joyce Yang,

editor at The Signal

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